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Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be personalized and is designed to be able to be decoded at high speeds. QR codes were created by DENSO-WAVE in 1994, to assist in the tracking of vehicle parts in the manufacturing process. The traceability of QR codes is the reason QR codes popularity grows every year in the United States especially with mobile smartphone users. The barcode itself is square in shape and has seemingly random black pixels in a solid white background. The information that can be encoded in a QR code can be made up of alphanumeric, binary, or Kanji symbols. The amount of data that is allowed to be stored depends on the character set, the version, and the error correction level.

Although initially used to track automotive parts in Japan, QR codes are now used for a much wider range of applications. Many of these applications target smartphone users for entertainments, or educational purposes. QR codes are also widely used for in store product labeling and commercial tracking.

A perfect way to track QR codes is using Google Analytics, tracking is essential to product developing and determining buying trends. There are four things you need to complete before generating your QR code to track. You need first to plan your campaign and recognize your audience. Then you need to build your own URL that will be linked to your QR code. The length of the URL will affect the functionality of QR code, the shorter the code the better, for shortening your URL you need to find a URL shortener online. Then you’re ready to generate your QR code, just input the data or information that you want to be decoded. 

In planning your campaign you need to figure out in what direction your business wants to go, you want to end up with a powerful little market tool that explains your company perfectly. You need to consider putting your QR codes on windows stickers, business cards, or even a magnet on the back of your delivery vehicles. And then you can track consumer trends and see how much traffic actually comes your way. Tracking QR codes are interpreted by analytics and the information is condensed in graphs and charts for your viewing pleasure.

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