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Recently manufacturing companies have been trying to come up with a barcode system that can stand very high temperatures, extreme solvents, as well as chemicals and a better scanning barcode system for retail and manufacturing companies. The manufacturing companies needed to identify individual parts and not the entire batch as has been done for years with traditional barcode systems. 3D barcodes are engraved and applied to the product itself as a part of the manufacturing process. They found a barcode system that worked and its 3D barcode system.

3D barcodes use the same basic principle as two-dimensional ones, but the 3D scanners focus on a different part of the code. Two-dimensional barcodes do not read variances in reflected light just the distance from the code itself. In 3D barcodes it makes it virtually impossible to alter or obstruct the barcodes information and results in fewer inventory mistakes.

A Direct Part Mark barcode reader for 3D barcodes captures a reflected image after passing a laser over it, and then the data is recorded and digitalized in a digital processing unit. The scanners of 3D technology can be found in hand held devices as well as integrated into an assembly line. The technology has a positive effect on efficiency of production and cuts down on number of man hours needed to create a simple part.

3D barcode systems can also save money and product costs for the manufacturing process. 3D barcodes will be used of course for inventory system and for purchases, the part will be scanned and put on a truck, or a train then to be verified when delivered.

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