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Strange Uses of QR Codes

QR codes can hold much more information than traditional barcodes and are therefore starting to appear on various products and in many public places. QR codes are starting to be used in marketing and education, among other things due to their easy accessibility. Some people are thinking outside the box and are beginning to use QR codes in unique and sometimes unusual ways. Below is a list of some of the unusual ways that people are utilizing QR codes.

QR Code Coins: The Dutch were so fascinated with QR codes that to mark the 100th anniversary of the Royal Dutch Mint, they produced limited edition QR code coins. The coins were available starting in June of 2011 and when scanned direct users to the official webpage of the Royal Dutch Mint.

QR Code Made of Sand: Communications company Sinap Co. Ltd. were curious to see if a QR code made of sand could be scanned and read correctly by a mobile phone. The company made a human scale code on a beach named Shonan Beach and the results proved that most phones were able to scan the code and read it correctly.

QR Code Gravestones: Some companies are beginning to place QR codes on headstones. They are marketed as a way to allow people to view information about their deceased loved ones including videos, pictures, and text.

QR Code Buildings: Sohne & Partners came up with a concept for a QR code hotel to be placed in Dubai Studio City. The hotel would be covered in QR codes and would allow for exploration of the space with a mobile device.

QR Code Tattoos: What is said to be the first ever animated QR code tattoo was given by Paris based tattoo artist Karl Marc. When the tattoo is scanned with a smartphone it leads to a short animation.

QR codes are continually growing in popularity and are constantly being used in more creative and interesting ways. QR codes have the ability to easily connect users with all types of valuable information and are likely to continue growing in use and popularity.

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