QR Code

QR Code Stickers

QR or quick response codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode, different from traditional barcodes in the fact that they can hold hundreds of times more information. QR codes consist of little black modules on a white background in a square. The information that can be encoded into a QR code can include websites, text, images, and endless other types of data.

QR codes are used by being scanned with a smartphone that has a QR code reader app. Some smartphones come equipped with QR code readers already installed while others can be installed by users. QR codes can be customized with endless types of data. QR codes can include vCard information that when scanned will automatically input your contact information into users phones. QR codes can also send users to websites along with YouTube videos newsletters, coupons, and other special offers.

QR codes can be tailored to fit any businesses marketing needs. Users can scan QR codes to obtain all kinds of information about a business or product. One way to use QR codes to market is to place them on stickers that can be distributed. Below are some ideas for using QR code stickers:

  • Use QR codes placed next to museum exhibits or paintings to make the display interactive.
  • Place QR code stickers at bus stops so riders can easily obtain information about bus schedules and stops.
  • Realtors can place QR code stickers on flyers as well as realty signage so potential buyers can learn more about individual listings.
  • For companies that produce packaged goods such as clothing, QR code stickers can be placed on packaging so the customer can learn more about the product.
  • Place QR code labels on wedding invitations so that guests can easily RSVP.
  • Use QR code stickers on restaurant menus so diners can learn nutritional information about different dishes.
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  • Using QR Codes on Stickers