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A QR code is bio-matrix or two-dimensional barcode which are readable by QR scanners. Mobile phones with cameras and smartphones have the apps in their mobile devices to make scanning and interpreting QR codes possible. A QR code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information that can be encoded from a QR code includes a URL, a text or many other types of data. QR codes are very common in Japan and were created by Toyota company subsidiary DENSO-WAVE in 1994. QR codes or Quick response codes get there name from the creator wanting the data to be able to be decoded at high speeds.

QR codes are created by QR code generators, there are plenty quality websites online. QR scanner apps can also be found online and are designed for most of today’s smartphones. You will need a QR scanner app in order to scan and interpret QR codes.

You have to be selective when choosing a QR code scanner app, sometimes the best looking and most popular apps are not the best, especially when your best interest is involved. The AT&T code scanner for example will pass everything you scan and collects the data.

Once you find a QR scanner app you’re ready to scan and decode QR codes. The QR scanner app will have on screen instructions and a frame in which to focus your mobile devices camera on. You must align your camera to the QR code then tap the URL to continue. When you scan QR codes you can get redirected to a website, or allowing you to download a vCard file.

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