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QR codes in Retail

QR codes were created by Toyota Company in 1994 to track vehicle parts during the manufacturing process. In the United States QR codes are gaining popularity and functionality. QR codes can store much more information and data than traditional barcodes. QR means Quick Response code the name came from the creator wanting a two-dimensional barcode that can be decoded at high speeds.

QR codes can be a very beneficial marketing tool in retail online or offline. One way to share product information as well as reviews is thru QR codes. QR codes can be on product packages, flyers or on business cards, or anywhere else that you want to promote. QR codes are becoming to have a significant impact on retail, especially as more consumers are becoming more comfortable with the technology. QR codes in retail efforts are almost solely a vehicle for providing essential information to the consumer. A customer can scan a QR code with mobile device with QR Reader software and receive information formatted for the users’ mobile screen. With QR codes you bridge the gap between offline and online consumers and deliver product information in real time to mobile devices.

Some benefits of QR codes in retail is when you’re closed or not officially opened for business, you can still me informing and selling. You can also use QR codes to create customer agreements and possible loyalty. You could have a free sweepstake entry give-away for exchange of information and give them a discount coupon. No matter how you use QR codes in retail it is the quickest most informative scan able two-dimensional barcode out there today.

QR codes in retail are inexpensive and very easy to produce. You can use them on walls, windows, giveaways, social networks, and anywhere else you can imagine.

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