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Restaurant QR codes

QR code scanning and smartphone users are more popular than ever. EMarketer estimates that there are 73 million U.S. smartphone users in 2011. 44 percent of those use their smartphones to scan and research QR codes. QR codes or Quick Response codes read like the traditional barcodes, they are scanned with camera on mobile device and return information back to the user. This information could include anything from a URL, to a special ad offer. Some popular uses of QR codes are on a business card, magazine advertisement, contests, clothing and much more.

Restaurant owners know that many customers use smartphones and use QR codes as a marketing tool. Restaurant QR codes are gaining popularity, and can easily be generated. You could have a QR code in your carry out menus, that way when mobile user scans the barcode and receive a phone number or other essential contact information for use at their terms. You can add a QR code on a business card so that the address and complete contact information for your restaurant can be stored in the mobile users browser. Another example of restaurant QR codes is printing a coupon on your restaurant flier, or you can link photos to recipes, or you can even have a QR code that direct the mobile user to your restaurant Facebook page. QR codes can be tracked and work great with social media and are a great way for people to follow your business.

As you can tell are very powerful little marketing tools. From scanning a QR code customers can interact with your brand in unexpected places. You want restaurant QR codes to contain content worth scanning, and offer something useful and fun for mobile user or consumer. When restaurant QR codes are used correctly they can bring more traffic and make your restaurant email campaign accessible to more subscribers.

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