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A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional barcode that is scan able and machine read much like the traditional scan UPC barcodes. That’s about the only thing in common; QR codes store much more encoded information and virtually every kind of data. A QR Reader app is needed for scanning and interpreting QR codes and makes getting your companies contact information and promotions to a much wider audience. QR codes are increasingly popular to connect online initiatives with offline marketing.

QR codes make it possible for people to visit your real estate website, or individual property listings all by scanning a QR code real estate barcode using a mobile smartphone or device. To track your real estate listings and see who is scanning your QR code you will need to use software, Google Analytics is great software where for the first time ever you can track the effectiveness of a print real estate campaign.

Here are a few ways to incorporate QR codes in you real estate marketing strategy:

  • QR codes on real estate signs- This gives the consumer the possibility of gaining all necessary information about the real estate property in seconds and makes running out of paper flyers a thing of the past. You can create a QR code that directs mobile user to photos, descriptions, and view work history and documents on the property.
  • Property flyers- Property flyers are a great way of spreading the word on a real estate property, and can direct the mobile user to a virtual tour or any other pertinent information.
  •  Event or Open House Information- you can share dates and times of showings and also spread information about your company instantaneously when scanned. You can put your QR code on a post card or any kind of marketing materials.

In order to use a QR code in real estate you must first get a QR code generator, and then find support to have appropriate landing pages to create easy reading barcode. 

Real Estate QR codes:

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