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Near Field Communication- NFC

NFC or Near Field Communications allows for transactions, data exchange and wireless connections between two devices that are close by in proximity. Usually no more than a few centimeters apart you can actually make a bill payment or shop all with your smartphone.

Many of the smartphone in the market today contain embedded NFC chips that can send encrypted data a short distance. So rather than using a credit card to slide in a machine, you can automatically send your payment by wireless connection both safe and very effective.

Here are several examples of NFC increasing transaction speeds, accuracy and reducing staffing requirements:

  • Mobile payment- By touching a payment terminal at checkout or a vending machine and entering your PIN.
  • PayPal- Have just started a NFC service and is still expanding
  • Ticketing- Tap a Near Field Communication device to purchase a rail, metro, airline, movie concert or any kind of social event.
  • Point of Sale- put your mobile smartphone to a poster tag to see information or listen to an audio clip, or watch a video, or even to see a movie trailer.

NFC tags can contain data and are read able but not re writeable. They can be custom embedded data by the manufacturer and can hold securely debit and credit card information, loyalty program data, and network contacts. This technology has really opened the consumer eyes, to save time at the market and being able to visually check your balances and make purchases all with your hand held mobile device, this assists you in being organized with payments and transfers. As with proximity card technology, NFC chips use magnetic induction between two loop antennas essentially forming an air core transformer. It operates through globally with unlicensed radio frequency ISM band.

The NFC Forum is a nonprofit association formed to advance the use of NFC wireless interactions in consumer’s electronics. The forum promotes implementation and standardization of the NFC technology.

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