QR Code

Make A QR Code

QR codes are the square black and white barcodes that are slowly starting to show up on more and more products. QR codes are more efficient than traditional barcodes based on the large amount of data that they can hold. These codes can hold all different types of information including websites, images, coupons or discounts, SMS text messages, contact information, and much more.

QR codes are read by scanning them with a smartphone. The phone must have a QR code scanner or reader app. While some smartphones come already equipped with QR code readers, others will have to download a reader app. Just as anyone can scan and read a QR code, just about anyone can also make a QR code. There are many QR code generators online and many of them offer their services for free. QR codes are unique because once they are made; they can be customized to include things such as images, logos, and brand names. Some QR code generators that can be found online allow you to customize your QR code.

If a QR code cannot be customized with an online QR code generator there are other ways that it can be done. Once a standard QR code is made and tested to make sure that it works properly, it can be customized with the use of photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Once the QR code is pasted into the image editing software, part of it can start to be erased to make room for the image to be added. A good rule to follow is to not remove more than 30% of the QR code. This will help to ensure that the code still works correctly. It is important to periodically test the code to make sure that it scans properly.

Custom QR codes can be beneficial to businesses looking to market their products. Potential customers will be more likely to scan the QR code and obtain information if the brand or company is recognizable. QR codes are likely to continue to rise in use as a marketing tool.