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QR Codes on Headstones

QR codes are popping up in new places on an almost daily basis. With headstones, only a limited amount of information can be shared such as dates, a name, and depending on the size of the headstone some type of art. As QR codes grow in popularity, they are starting to be added to gravestones and are allowing people to access information about the deceased such as pictures, websites, and videos.

QR codes on headstones can provide a unique look into the lives of the deceased and can allow those who never got to meet their loved ones to experience them on a more personal level. QR codes can hold a large amount of data and the possibilities for what to include with one are endless.

While some QR codes on headstones can provide information to anyone, others can be password protected. Families can choose whether they want the information within the QR code to be private for only families or public. In the future QR codes on headstones could prove to be a great learning tool if they are placed at the famous grave sites of historical figures.

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