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A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that was created in 1994 by DENSO-WAVE from Japan. Quick Response codes or QR codes are intended to be decoded at very high speeds. Mobile tagging have increased the popularity of QR codes because of its built in support for Kanji encoding, and is widely used for a variety of reasons , to hospitals in Japan for patient contact information, to boarding passes on all major airlines, or even to see bus or train routes and times.

Depending on the application of a QR code they can be used to encode a specific URL or entertainment information. In a mobile marketing scenario a QR code can be printed or displayed on products or marketing materials. QR codes can also be in magazines, websites, and businesses cards the versatility of QR codes have increased the popularity of QR codes all over the United States.

A QR code decoder handles a very high density of data and delivers all the proper information when a QR code is scanned. A QR code decoder decodes several hundred bytes of embedded information in a single symbol. In contrast to traditional barcodes which encode information in the ratio of bars a QR code is more tolerate with respect to poor printing quality. 

The data a QR code can store is 7089 alphanumeric characters and they can translate Kanji Symbols, and you can adjust the error correction level. The error correction level can be adjusted from Low to High, and can make it possible restore and save unreadable code words in a symbol with no data loss.

There are many quality QR code decoder software sites and reviews online; there are several different apps for all of todays smartphones and mobile devices. BeeTagg is a QR code decoder that is customizable, brand able, and extendable. This decoder software works for blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia or Motorola. Another QR code decoder software is QuickMark, a two-dimensional barcode system for mobility devices with built-in camera such as camera phones, PDAs, and smartphones. QuickMark is easy to use and quick to use an overall great app.

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