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A Quick Response barcode or QR code is a two-dimensional scan able barcode first introduced by the Toyota Company of Japan. QR codes can store hundreds of thousands more information and data then the traditional barcodes. With QR creator you can instantly generate, download, and share QR barcode images and any other kind of contact information. QR codes can be scanned from a computer screen or on a print.

QR codes are created on websites that are QR code generators; these barcode generators can convert a standard URL into a Quick Response code. QR codes are those scan able barcodes that are showing up everywhere from advertisements to billboards or buildings. When a QR code is scanned the mobile user gets the information or data that is embedded in the QR code.

Some examples of QR creators are Kaywa, Qurify and Delivr. You will also need to use a URL shortener to create a scan able QR code. Mobile users can take QR code generating to the next level by creating their own custom QR code with Jumpscan.com, a free QR code creator. This website includes your address, contact info, and all your social media feeds, that way it consolidates all your contact information into one online profile page that is designed for your mobile screen.

Quick Response (QR) codes are two-dimensional bar codes that can be interpreted and scanned by a mobile phone equipped with a QR code reading app. QR codes can be created and attached to you email signature, or you can upload Facebook, or just print it or post it online. QR codes make getting your business to the streets possible. QR codes could be on a building, and you scan it and instantaneously receive information on what function or service the building provides. QR codes allow the mobile user to link to a business or consumer product.

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