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Creating QR codes can be fun, easy and quick depending on the QR generator you choose. There are many QR code generators online and they make creating a QR code simple. Generating QR codes is when you covert a standard URL into a Quick Response (QR) code. A QR code itself is square in shape and has seemingly random arranged black pixels on a solid white barcode. QR codes can have much more embedded information in them compared to the traditional UPC barcodes.

QR codes are quickly integrating in marketing efforts as a marketing tool for leading consumers to an online destination. By scanning a QR code it can open your mobile browser to a website, a blog or even social media accounts. QR codes are two-dimensional scan able barcode, that when a mobile user has a QR reader app on smartphone, can receive endless amounts of information or data.

A QR code can store up to 7089 numerical characters or 42296 alphanumeric characters, compared to the traditional UPC barcode that can only store 12 digits and only numbers. I-nigma or kawya can make a QR code out of a text message and as long as 250 characters. The i-nigma can create QR codes that are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Many consumers and businesses look for a way to create a QR code that leads mobile users to connect with their social media pages. QRMobilize allows you to link to multiple social media accounts and any other information or data. By creating QR codes and placing on your business card you can easily connect with other mobile users on the go.

By creating QR codes you can store all your important contact information embedded in one small image. QR codes are very versatile and can be placed on buildings to describe the function of the business on inside, or on a billboard to inform about a new car or product. Creating QR codes cam be a easy, fun experience with the right QR code generator.

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