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QR Code Boarding Passes

One of the newest developments in mobile technology is the ability to use a QR code along with a smartphone to check in to a flight. QR codes are the squares made up of black modules on a white background that are starting to show up on everything from storefront displays to billboards and magazine advertisements.

QR codes can be read by apps downloaded on smartphones and tablets. Once scanned, the QR code is decoded and links the user to information on products, websites, and more. Below you can find information on how QR codes are used as mobile boarding passes (basically a paperless ticket):

Click on a link in an email sent by the airline to obtain a QR code that serves as a mobile boarding pass.

The airline can send your boarding pass documentation along with a link to your QR code through email that goes directly to your mobile phone.

When customers need to present their boarding pass, they can hold their QR codes up to a scanner which can read and verify the information.

QR codes can act as a link to any flight information customers need to have.

QR codes can also be useful in the event that you are upgraded or have to change seats, as your boarding pass can now be updated electronically to display the updated information. The QR code pass can also be used at airline counters, to check bags, at self-services machines, and even at airport kiosks. The TSA even now has scanners that can read QR code boarding passes as well so all customers have to do is present their smartphone with the ticket on the screen along with an identification card.

QR codes used as boarding passes can be beneficial as they save paper and mean you have one less thing to remember when taking a trip. There are however things to be aware of when using QR code boarding passes. It is extremely important that your smartphone is fully charged so that you will be able to present your information to airport personnel. It is probably a good idea for people to print a copy of their boarding pass just as a backup.

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